Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello! I'm Delcie and welcome to my webpage. I created this site as a project specially for Creative Writing, which is an ESL and Web Development course. If you want to hire me, look for the contact form available on this page. Below is my Curriculum vitae, with a few samples of websites and articles or reviews I've composed before.

Graduated with distinction from Shaw University
15 years of article writing experience (particularly for Internet based target audience)
7 years of website creation experience.
Competent, team player worker with a taste for facts.

Employment Experience.
Creative Writing,2009 - Present
General Manager
Given the task of preparing a international crew of internet writers to suit a specialized list of advanced objectives and goals.
- Make new records for output, growing production by 20% worldwide
- Effectively controlled consistent logs of project distribution
- Supervised QA for global creation over a large crew of content writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Skills
Fluent in Portuguese
Exceptional knowledge using a extensive choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

Ajax Ontario Canada Condominiums - Find Condos For Sale And Rent

There are many activities to keep you occupied in the city of Ajax, many of these are outdoor sports and recreation. Lake Ontario and Duffins Creek make for excellent water sport locations. The vast amount of wilderness in and around Ajax allows for countless Biking and Hiking trails for all... Source of information..

Ajax Homes For Sale

The company was called Defence Industries Limited. The company shut down in 1945 but the town of Ajax still remains. Many people live in Ajax and work in Toronto; commuting daily from their home in Ajax to their career in Toronto. The trip to downtown Toronto is a 30 minute drive from Ajax. Ajax has been called a bedroom community to Toronto because of how common it is for people living in Ajax to commute. Most... Read more..

Beaver Creek Yukon Canada Homes - Search For Homes Online

 This area experiences annual temperatures from daily highs of 68°F in July and average daily lows of -26°F in January.  Record high temperatures include 95°F in September 2000.  Record low temperatures include -76°F in January 1981.  The average annual snowfall in Beaver Creek is of 48.5 inches.  The average annual rainfall in... Source of information..

Belleville Ontario

There are a lot of hotels to opt for when in Belleville Ontario. Some of these hotels that have been famous for their services and amenities are the Comfort Inn, and as the name implies, will ensure you that you will feel like this has been a home away from home. There is a long list of hotels that you can inquire about over... Read more..

Houses For Sale

It is a material investment or physical ownership which you can rent out or resell at some later time. On the other hand, a home is an emotional investment you make. You need to know for yourself what you really want to buy: a house or a home. Sometimes, homeowners sell their acquired properties because they are not emotionally satisfied... Click here to continue..

Brooks Real Estate

Brooks Real Estate Located in the county of Newell, Brooks Alberta Canada is a growing city east of Calgary, it's growing with people re-locating to it all the time. Brooks Alberta was officially established in about 1910... Read more..

Guide To Buying A House In Canada - Expert Real Estate Advice And Tips

They can input your requirements, such as a 4-bedroom town house under $400,000 and all the available houses with these factors will come up for you to look at.  The real estate agent can organize visits to houses that... Click here to continue..

Cobourg Real Estate

Situated on Lake Ontario in Canada, the town of Cobourg offers the charm of country living and the sense of enjoyment living on the waterfront. The living is easy in Cobourg, yet for anyone choosing to call this place their home, Cobourg offers a city lifestyle as well with plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment. Only an hour\'s... Click here to read more..

Condos For Sale In NJ

If you are in search of premium quality living alternatives, condos for sale in NJ are a great option. The state of New Jersey is situated in the US’ northeastern parts and the Middle Atlantic. There are almost 8.7 million people who live... Click here to continue..

Ecuador Real Estate

Its name implies its specific location on the planet: at the equator. Ecuador is a South American country which is popular for its excellent biodiversity. It is also known for being rich in history and tourist destinations. Peru and Colombia border this vibrant city on the East, North and South. The Pacific coast borders it on the West. Its geographic location gives the country an amazing climate. If you live in the lowlands,... Read more..

House Listing

 Having your finances organized before you find a new house will save you a lot of time in the future.  ... Source..

Toronto Homes

Toronto is located within the heart of the Greater Toronto Area and is apart of the region of Southern Ontario, commonly referred to as the Golden Horseshoe. This puts its residents within close assess to everything they could possibly wish to have. Toronto is known as a global city as it is... Source..

Toronto Homes For Sale

Toronto Homes for Sale Toronto is a wonderful metropolitan city that offers not only superior cultural and recreational facilities but also offers a delightful network of beautiful parks as well as being the business hub of all of Canada. Toronto is great location for any sports lover as... Source..


By doing so, you will be able to assess if the soil needs to be fertilized or not. You also need to consider some factors that might affect a certain area like the amount of sunlight that it gets or the circulation of air. Next, you have to decide what plants are suitable for the area. Would you wish to see flowers there, bushes, shrubs, or trees? Bear in mind that your purpose... More on this site..

Toronto Condos

In the situation of a condo though the homeowners’ association will typically be responsible for maintaining all common areas and exterior of buildings as they are not solely owned by you. If you are an owner of a home or condo you can expect homeowner’s fees to be increased at anytime. Your homeowners’ fees will go towards expenses of your development in both cases. These fees go towards insurance premiums, property taxes and... To read more click here...

Homes For Sale

Lack of information on the home industry in Canada is often the reason many may not commit to buying in Canada. So this guide is intended to help you with the information you should know about homes for sale in Canada and how they may possibly differ from the country you live in now. Mortgages in Canada One challenge many will face when they embark on moving to the Canada is their credit... Click here to read more..

House Selling Tips - Guide For Homeowners

House Selling Tips Website - House Selling Tips Anyone who has sold a home knows what a daunting process it can be. Whether you can't wait to get into a place that better suits your needs, you are parting... Find out more...

How To Sell Your Home - Homeowner's Guide To Success

Selling a home can be a very stressful process and there is a lot more involved in it than many people first realize. In this guide we shall look at just a few top tips... Find out more...

Johnston Real Estate

The local government is friendly and very helpful. That Southern hospitality is wonderful for new residents. Neighbors are fast to welcome you and your family. Local events happen regularly in the county as well. These things offer any... To read more click here...

Mortgage Rates

There are a number of handy tools you can use for the calculation. The rates have a lot of moving parts namely interest rate, financed amount and term of loan. These three details are used for the calculation of your monthly payment. You can actually determine the cost of the home you... To read more click here...